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Your next step into understanding you. 

Take the guessing out of career development.

The Career Human's courses are designed with tips from real world experience in understanding candidate and hiring managers' needs in the career process. Take these courses to help understand your personal brand and build it into your career strategy. 


The CareerHuman Impact

"I was completely lost and overwhelmed on where to start to rework my resume to make the most impact.  I am so glad Ashley referred me to her Resume Builder!  This program was easy to use and works just like a class workshop.  You take notes along the way, and you can start creating your resume as you go along.  I especially like the video clips that personalize the experience and make you feel like you got this!  I used my new and improved resume to apply for 6 positions that gave me 3 first interviews and an offer!" ~ Elizabeth B.
"Ashley helped me update and modernize my Resume for a promotional process with my employer. I had done little work on my resume in over 5 years and it was very out of date to say the least. In our short meeting she was able to help me tailor my resume for the position I was applying for and give me sound advice that I will be able to utilize in the future! I would highly recommend using this service rather you are looking for a new job, a promotion or just wanting to update your current resume." ~ Bill B

Meet Ashley Batteen:
The Career Human

Hi!! I'm Ashley, I have spent my career, being a career professional! I have worked with hundreds, maybe even thousands (who is counting when you are building careers) job seekers and employers in understanding the best way to build a personal brand and careers.  Graduating from Michigan State University in 2008, during the Great Recession, proved challenges for my job hunt. I started working with job seekers after learning the best job search strategies in a tight job market to build their career paths. I earned undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Spanish. I have also earned a Master of Science in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. 
Since 2008, I have worked with employers, hiring managers, and candidates from all different walks of life, developing career strategies and personal brands. I have 15+ years of experience in career development, organizational development, equity and inclusion, and strategic planning and am passionate about seeing people realize their goals. Take the career development journey with me to build your career strategy and plan. 
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